Pre-season warmup

Pre-season warmup friendlies are supposed to start about now. Obviously that’s not happening, but I can at least have a warm-up for the social side of the season by cracking open this bottle that I was kindly given by the Plastics XI as a thank-you for umpiring some of their matches last season. It’s bloody delicious, and will also help prevent scurvy in my Plague Bunker.

Yes obviously I should have used a slice of orange instead of lime, but I’ve run out.


Cricket season postponed

In the light of the serious pandemic currently underway the ECB has indefinitely postponed the cricket season. I was kinda expecting that, after all the other major sports announced similar postponements. The level 2 umpire training that I was scheduled to have at the end of this month has also been cancelled.

I’m keeping another journal about current events, but will still update here with occasional crickety content if anything noteworthy happens.